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Top 5 Reasons to Use 360° Photography

Engage your viewers with 360 degree photography

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When you walk into a store in the real world, you can pick something up and view it from all angles. While your visitors can't do this when shopping at your online store, you can offer them the ability to view your product and get a better understanding of it by presenting them using 360 photography.

Images allow you to connect with your visitors and engage them. You want to keep their attention. Shoppers' attention spans are short. Wow them with something new. Something fresh. Something exciting. Give life to your images, instill a sense of connection by empowering your visitors to engage with your products via 360 degree views. It will bring you added credibility, instill a sense of trust and will more than likely inspire them to buy. 360 photography puts the spinning image in every website visitor's grasp. It allows them to inspect the product and connect. By them seeing what they will be buying from all angles, they know what they will be getting, so this will also minimize your returns. Your E-commerce site has a purpose. Engaging users is important in leading them down the path to click on your buy button.

Increase sales via the power of the spinning image

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When a visitor lands on your site, they are beginning a journey that you hope they will finish by converting into a customer. You only have a few seconds to grab them and pull them in. If you are selling products, have a few of your best sellers up on the home page. Captivate them by utilizing 360 degree photography. Have them engage with your products, allowing your visitors to view them from every angle. You know they will be smiling when they turn that holiday toy gift to the right, to the left, zoom in. They feel connected to it. They want it. Chances are greater they will buy it and increase your sales. You can even go further by having a few 360 degree view images spin on their own in your email newsletter or right there on your product page. The opportunities are endless!!

Minimize returns

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One of the main reasons people return items they purchased online can be summed up with these two words. I thought. I thought it had the button on the back. I thought it was rounder. I thought it was going to be all yellow. Online shoppers enjoy shopping online because they can do it from the comfort of their living room, office or even the beach. But, they also want to know what they are getting. If it is not what they thought, the “I thought” words come into play and they will return it as fast as they purchased it. By offering your visitors a 360 degree view of your product, you can show them what they'll be getting. Change the “I thought” to “I knew”. “I knew it would be like this.” “I knew it would be rounder.” “I knew it would be all one color.” “I knew it would be just what I wanted”. “I saw it myself with 360 degree photography.” Give people what they want by showing them and minimize returns.

Make your product come alive

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Shoppers in general hardly ever buy anything without actually seeing it. Much of the time they want to hold it and see it from all angles, maybe take it for a test drive. Online shoppers are no different. It becomes a bit of a challenge to do this. But, not any longer.. By allowing them to take it for a literal spin using 360 photography, you can wow them with a product that seems as much alive as possible online. Have them click on it, zoom in and out while interacting with it and spinning it to the left and to the right. Show them what they will be getting by presenting it the best way you know how and keep them engaged all the way to that buy button and watch your conversions increase in a big way.

Improve credibility

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We've all heard the expression “Show. Don't Tell.” Those three words are keys to improving your credibility with customers. When customers see sharp, clear images of what you have for sale it makes a lasting impression on them. They not only take notice that it is a genuine Gucci bag or Rolex watch, it also leaves the impression that you have the item in your inventory and it's not just some stock photo.

Now, imagine if they can see that high definition image of your product from every angle in a 360 degree view. Chances are they will sit there and interact with it. They'll feel a connection to it after spinning it in each direction, examining the features, the texture, the color. By showing them and not only telling them, it adds to your credibility and you are sure to gain another happy and loyal customer.